Calmont Wire & Cable Inc

Design with Innovation

The extensive capabilities and the variety of materials used that are basis for innovative design. Calmont flexibility makes them particularly well suited to work with start-up companies and design and manufacture new products and prototypes.
The breadth of offerings also makes Calmont qualified to work with customers in a host of industries including medical, robotics, aerospace, military/defense, communications, universities, audio, sensors, test & measurement and instrumentation.

Custom Delivered

Calmont delivers custom engineering, custom designs and custom products. Calmont sells what you can’t buy off the shelf from other wire & cable companies. Each product Calmont manufactured, engineered to meet each customer’s unique requirements, whether it’s a short run, long run, or never been run.


Some of the largest medical manufacturers in the world specify and use Calmont cables. Some of the medical applications using Calmont cables include ultrasound, electrode, defibrillators, EKG, dialysis, hand held instrument, catheter, LVAD implant and others.


When engineers think about cable flex life they often think about Calmont. The products are renowned in robotic and high flex applications. Calmont creates reliable products for the most extreme flexing applications by extruding specially compounded materials over ultra fine stranded wire. Whether your application requires a unique composite cable consisting of twisted pairs, triads, and coaxial cables, or you simply require hookup wire, Calmont can help.


Calmont are proud to supplier to NASA, JPL, and the European Space Agency as well as to a number of other space organisations. Calmont’s ability to manufacturing lighter, stronger, and less toxic cables makes it a valuable partner to many of the leading aerospace manufacturers and subcontractors. Being able to produce cable from a variety of fluoropolymers, as well as silicon rubber, gives the aerospace customer design flexibility.

Military / Defense

The unique ability to construct custom cables utilising off the shelf Mil-spec sub-components is invaluable when against large minimum runs from QPL vendors. Calmont can also manufacture to many of the older, more difficult to procure military specifications.


Calmont designs communication cables for use in low voltage signal transmission application. Taking into consideration the application and environment the cable will be subjected to. we engineer communication cables with a variety of gauge sizes, conductor counts or twisted pairs and shielding configuration to ensure signal integrity. we choose insulation and jacketing materials to withstand abrasion, chemicals resistance and high or low temperatures.


Calmont manufactures speaker, interconnect and power cables that provide the uncoloured sound that high-end audio manufacturers demand. Calmont have years of experience addressing cable geometry and low noise issues, as well as special materials required for precision audio cables.


Calmont manufactures a variety of cables used to monitor temperature, pressure, motion, position and other characteristics. A wide variety of thermistor, bridge and transducer, and LVDR application use Calmont’s cables.

Test / Measurement

Calmont designs custom cables for test probes, lab equipment and precision test equipment that provide years of trouble-free service. Calmont cables withstand continuous flexing and meet customer-specific electrical and environmental considerations.


Manufacturers and users of precision instrumentation rely on Calmont  to design cables to guarantee noise free signal and endure years of continuous use.  Additionally, the ability to mix various conductor sizes, configurations and types of conductors makes Calmont a real problem solver.

Testing Calmont Provides


  • Tensile and Elongation
  • Solderability
  • Flammability
  • Flexibility
  • Flex-life
  • Durometer
  • Crush Resistance
  • Cold Bend
  • Heat Shock
  • Shrinkback


  • Spark Test
  • Hipot
  • Continuity
  • Dielectric Withstand
  • Characteristic Impedance
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Conductor DC Resistance
  • Capacitance
  • Inductance
  • Attenuation
  • Propagation Delay
  • High Voltage Test Facility (to 150,000 VDC)

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